CASL (Bill C-28) Email Conformity

Validate message compliance

According to the Anti-Spam Law, messages that are sent must include the following three elements:

1. Relevant content

The content of the message sent to your contacts must match that to which they have consented. Even if you get their express consent, this does not mean you can send them anything. For example, if they have subscribed to a hunting and fishing newsletter, your messages must be about hunting and fishing. The same goes for messages sent by your partners.

By sending messages that have nothing to do with what you defined at the outset, you risk exposing yourself to legal action and losing your subscribers.

2. Information about the sender

You must clearly identify the name under which the sender carries on business, whether it is you or a partner, and provide the recipient with information on how the sender may be contacted. You have to include the mailing address and either the phone number, email address or website address of the sender. This information must be valid for a period of 60 days.

In summary, the content of your messages must be relevant and well identified. Dialog Insight has tools that help integrate customized content and allow you to insert the sender's signature.

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3. An easy unsubscribe mechanism

Every message must provide a mechanism to "opt out" (a link or electronic address), allowing each recipient to express without cost his or her desire to no longer receive further communications or messages. In your "opt out" page, you can offer to unsubscribe from all of your communications or from a specific category. The link or electronic address must be active for at least 60 days after the communication has been sent. In addition, any sender who receives a notice to opt out must honour the request within 10 working days.

To simplify your life and ensure your messages compliance with the Anti-Spam Legislation, Dialog Insight has automated the necessary tools the meet these requirements.

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