CASL (Bill C-28) Conformity: Information to Retain

Retain all relevant information

In the event of a complaint, you are responsible for demonstrating that you had a legitimate right to send the communication in question. Therefore, you need to keep records of the relevant information on subscription or source of the implied consent. This includes the following:

  • A record of communications with the recipients to trace their responses and determine whether their consent was obtained
  • The express consent form of every recipient indicating the purpose for which their consent was obtained
  • Evidence of an existing relationship with the people whose consent is implied (evidence of transactions, information requests, etc.)
  • The date on which consent was obtained
  • Unsubscribe requests for each type of communication

Your databases must be capable of keeping all this information for three years after the mailings. Recipients will have this period of time within which to file a complaint after receiving a message they consider to be spam.

It is essential that efficient records management systems are put in place to demonstrate that you have complied with the regulations. Dialog Insight can help you customize your database for these requirements.

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