Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) Conformity Solutions

Our Solutions

Drawing on its extensive expertise in electronic marketing, Dialog Insight has developed unique tools within its Openfield application, specifically for the Anti-Spam Legislation (C-28).

We also provide consulting services to help you reduce any negative impact from this legislation, and can even show you how to take advantage of it. You can start by reading our recommendations.

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Conformity solution: Managing consent – Permissions and deadlines

  • Integration of data linked to internal systems and saving of critical data in each contact profile:

    • Date of consent
    • Source of consent (e.g., sign-up form)
    • Date of unsubscribe request
    • Date of last business relationship
    • Type of last business relationship
    • Date of last information request
    • Location of contact

  • Definition of type of consent (express or implied)
  • Tables of relational data to save transaction history, used to calculate the duration of mailings (unrestricted, 6 months, 24 months)
  • Application of automated mailing rules depending on type of consent, period of validity and type of communication
  • Automated data transfer between internal systems

Conformity solution: Managing consent – Unsubscribe requests

Our Openfield application allows you to remove a recipient from a mailing list. The software's features have been enhanced to ensure they comply with Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (C-28).

  • Integration of unsubscribe processes by including links to profile management mechanisms
  • Immediate cancellation of mailings, in advance of prescribed time frame (less than 10 business days)
  • Unsubscribe link that is active for at least 60 days following the mailing, in accordance with the Act
  • Maintenance of unsubscribe and opt-out lists, and updates to profile data
  • Complaint processing and a "feedback loop", to keep track of unsubscribe requests not submitted through an online form

Conformity solution: Records management

We have developed sophisticated mechanisms to reconstruct the history of a consent using archived versions of the forms and subsequent transactions. To preserve the validity of the documents, archive data cannot be altered.

  • For activities managed entirely with Openfield applications: record of consent source and unsubscribe requests
  • For activities managed partly with Openfield applications: synchronization with your databases via FTP or online services
  • Message history and transmission logs
  • History of email address changes of your contacts

Conformity solution: Message compliance

  • Classification of different types of communications to facilitate automated mailings:
    • Subscriptions: reserved for subscriptions expressly tied to your communications
    • Commercial communications lasting less than two years: newsletters, promotions, information about products or services, etc.
    • Commercial communications lasting less than six months: responses to information requests
    • Messages not prohibited by the Act: notifications, requests for quotation, etc.
    • Confirmations (not prohibited by the Act): confirmations of transactions, contest entries, unsubscribe requests and recipient activity
  • Design with dynamic content to provide relevant information according to type of consent
  • Section dedicated to sender identification
  • Opt-out or unsubscribe mechanism

Conformity solution: Global solution

  • Analysis of your current situation
  • Solution proposal
  • Centralization of data into one main database
  • Integration of tools to manage consent, unsubscribe requests, message compliance and document retention
  • Recommendations on managing your mailings

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